Ava and Ashley – Best High Chair

Baby is growing and you want to buy a highchair that is best for your baby and for your home needs. There are a number of important considerations you must take into account that the best high chairs should have.

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The most important concern is always safety, as the high chair is for your precious baby. The best high chairs for safety are those that have seat straps that are simple to use when buckling and unbuckling the baby. The baby is not likely to fall out if the harness is a three or five point one and will ensure your baby is comfortably seated for long periods. They will not be able to wriggle out of the seat or try to stand in it with this kind of harness. Make sure you buy a highchair that allows you to place the baby in and out of the high chair easily. A high chair with lockable wheels makes it safe as it will remain stationary. In fact the safest high chairs come with a JPMA seal.  Safety is an absolute must when it comes down to the best high chair.


A high chair that has a number of height positions as well as recline levels ensures that your baby is comfortable. Some high chairs even come with seating options that allows two children of varying ages to sit on the high chair at the same time. Mothers with twins or an infant and toddler will find these to be the best high chairs for their children. If you like taking children over to grandma’s and friend’s homes then a portable high chair is more suitable.


High chairs are made in a variety of materials from the conventional wooden chair to the more sleekly designed chairs that are made of stain resistant material. Whatever material you select make sure you buy a highchair that can be easily cleaned. Babies make a huge mess when they eat and if the chair has too many crevices then cleaning is going to increase your headache. Vinyl seats that can be wiped clean make the best sort of high chairs. Some high chairs now come equipped with a pop out tray that can be washed while the other is still in place. Another feature is the option of having two trays so that while one is being washed the other can be put in place.


Naturally the best high chair is one that will fulfil your needs. Perhaps you want a chair that can be wheeled or one that cannot be wheeled but which remains stationary. Maybe you are looking for foldable high chair options as you may not need to use it only for meals. There are a number of models of high chairs and have a good look at the features so that they match your requirements. Buy a highchair that will fit into your home’s décor. The best high chairs will be able to adjust to low or high dining tables or kitchen countertops if you eat in the kitchen.

Designer high chairs

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